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2018 in Review

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Welcome back to the Rolling Green Apartments Blog. In today’s post, we’re taking a look at all the topics we blogged about in 2018. Join us as we take a snapshot of our memories of the past year!

“Tips for Genealogy Work”

Online genealogy websites are great because many offer great ways to store your searches as you put together a digital version of your family tree.

“Applying for Your New Apartment”

Follow these easy steps when you decide to fill out an application for a new apartment: verify your credit, prepare the correct documentation (you’ll usually need your driver’s license, social security card, proof of employment, and references), read through the application fully to understand it, and double-check your responses.

“Eat Healthy

In addition to delicious recipes like Fried Honey Bananas and Cottage Cheese Banana Pancakes, our 2018 March post focused on healthy living. How’s your diet? Make sure to incorporate healthy recipes into your weekly menu!

“Organize Your Life”

Getting your schedule in order can be difficult. Just remember these three things: Take stock of your days (write down what you need to do and how much time you need to spend doing it), pick a planner to organize your thoughts and activities, and make time for fun.

“How to Go Zero Waste in Your Apartment”

In May, we proposed a challenge for all residents at Rolling Green Apartments in Milford, MA: Make May a Zero Waste Month. Going “Zero Waste” means more than simply recycling a plastic bottle. Here are a few ideas: ditch tissues for handkerchiefs; use a bamboo toothbrush; pack a lunch every day.

“Top Warnings that Job Post is a Scam”

If a job looks too good to be true, has a vague description of the work, or has little to no contact information it might be a scam.

“Summer Movie Fun”

Popcorn recipes and movie recommendations — what more could we ask for?

“Top Amenities of Rolling Green Apartments”

From a swimming pool to a laundry facility, our apartments in Milford, MA have everything that residents need to enhance their lives on a daily basis.

“How to Start a Book Club”

If you’ve ever wanted to start a book club, our four tips might help! First, decide on the scope of your club. Be open to unconventional book clubs. Invite people. Then, be open to different ways that people can participate.

“Standout Board Games for a Night of Fun”

We love board games! Century: Eastern Wonders, Detective, Megaland, and Villainous are all great games we think you should play.

“Try Vegan this Thanksgiving”

We know what you’re thinking: “A vegan Thanksgiving? Really?” But before you turn away, take a moment to read over a few delicious recipes. They’re so good, you won’t even miss the turkey this year.

From our apartment community to you, we thank you for making 2018 a year to remember! We hope you have a great month in Milford, MA, or wherever you might be.