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Rolling Green Apartments Blog, Milford, MA  This month, start each day off right with one of these healthy, delicious breakfast recipes.

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Moving into a new apartment is a fresh beginning for people to start a new chapter of their lives. In many ways, it can be a healthy addition to a constantly changing lifestyle. This month, we hope to contribute to your healthy lifestyle by offering a few delicious yet healthy breakfast recipes for you to make in your apartment. From mouth-watering fried honey bananas to avocado with bacon and eggs, one of these meals is sure to catch your eye and satisfy your mornings in Milford, MA. Enjoy!


Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Banana Pancakes

The batter for these is easiest made in a blender. Simply pour in the oats, baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla, cottage cheese, egg whites, and almond milk. Toss in a banana, blueberries, or other fruit for some sweetness, and you’re good to go! After they’re cooked, they almost taste like banana bread!


Maple Breakfast Sausage

These can be made in a snap! With only four ingredients — ground beef, coconut amino, maple syrup, and ghee — breakfast doesn’t get much easier.


Gluten-Free Cinnamon Buns

Coconut sugar, cinnamon, cream cheese, and maple syrup are just a few of the ingredients in this delightful breakfast snack.


Fried Honey Bananas

Frying bananas is always a great and flavorful idea! Eat them on pancakes, yogurt, or alone. Trust us. You won’t be disappointed.


Broiled Grapefruit with Honey and Bananas

If you never thought you could transform that bitter grapefruit into something amazing, then this is the recipe to prove you wrong. Just a little bit of cinnamon and honey is all that’s needed to take plain grapefruit to a whole new level of healthy breakfasts. You might not go back to plain grapefruit ever again.


Breakfast Salmon Egg Bake

Packed with protein and omega-3 fats, this easy-to-make treat is a happy addition to any table. While it does take a little more time to prepare, the flavorful taste and powerful aroma couldn’t be a better reward. The fact that it’s healthy is just a bonus.


Avocado Bacon and Eggs

“With a spoon, scoop out some of the avocado so it’s a tad bigger than your egg and yolk. Place in a muffin pan to keep the avocado stable while cooking. Crack your egg and add it to the inside of your avocado. Sprinkle a little cheese on top with a pinch of salt. Top with cooked bacon.” This takes up to 16 minutes to prepare, is served warm, and tastes wonderful!


What food do you like to eat at the start of each day in your apartment here in Milford, MA? Share in the comments to let us know if any of these recipes made it on your list of favorites. Thanks for reading!