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How to Start a Book Club

book club

Give yourself a reason to socialize with others and explore the world through the written word by starting a book club! Today on the Rolling Green Apartments Blog, we have ideas for how you can start one, whether it’s in person here in Milford, MA or online.

First, decide on the scope of your club. To have a successful book club that doesn’t just fizzle after a few months, you should have an idea for what sort of experience you want everyone in the group to have. Are you going to meet monthly? Bi-monthly? How many people will be in the group? The answers to these questions will determine where you meet and who will take the lead in directing your meetings.

Be open to unconventional book clubs. You don’t even need to meet in person if everyone is on board for a more technologically friendly book club. If you want to make it easier for multiple people to participate, no matter their location, you can make your book club a virtual one through social media. Create a Facebook page or even a Twitter direct message group for all the members to join. (A Facebook group would work better than a Twitter direct message group for large amounts of people. Twitter only allows 50 people for a group direct message.)

Invite people. If you want to start a book club but you’re not sure how to find people who might like to join, start by asking your friends if they’d want in. Then ask them about who else might like to join. Continuing networking, even on social media. Ask your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to like or comment on your post if they’d like to participate. Of course, if you want to keep it to a small group of people that can fit in your apartment, think of a few people with similar but varying tastes and experiences who might contribute well to a small group setting.

Be open to different ways people can participate. Once you have a direction for your book club and a list of a few members, you can get started actually planning your discussions and get-togethers! If you want to encourage everyone to participate and feel welcome, you can figure out how to let different members of the group host a meeting, contribute snacks, or come with questions or activities to get you talking about your book or yourselves. The plans don’t have to be huge; each small effort really contributes to making a fun social gathering for everyone!

Are you a part of a book club? Share your favorite experiences and successes with us in the comments. Good luck!