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Top Warnings that Job Post is a Scam

Rolling Green Apartments Blog, Milford, MA  Online job posts can look too good to be true. Maybe they are. Read today's blog to find out how you can avoid falling victim of an employment scam by catching the signs early on.

Today, we share a few warnings to watch out for when searching for a new job. Scammers are all around us on the internet; they’ll go so far as to create a great looking job to attract attention, hoping they’ll get some of your private information. For us, running into job scams is downright frustrating. We hope to help you avoid the pain of becoming victim to job scams by sharing a few warning signs.


Job Scam Warnings

  • Too Good to be True: It may sound like a cliché, but we’ve found that scam job postings often sound too good to be true. A job description might be listed as “a work from home job, 20 hours per week minimum, $40 per hour…” When’s the last time you heard of a part-time job offering a near $40,000 salary? Maybe you hit the jackpot of job searches! Odds are, you ran into a scam.

  • Instant Offer: A reputable company may or may not offer you a role following an interview. It might seem flattering receiving a job offer after only submitting (or in some cases not even that) a resume. If you receive an offer and the company hasn’t even met you yet for some sort of interview, then it’s likely a scam. Don’t accept a job offer through email, if you’ve never spoken with anyone from the company.

  • Vague Description: Read the job description. Is it clear on what your role would be at the company? Are there special skills or qualifications listed? A red flag that a job post is a scam is a vague or even sketchy job description. If you aren’t sure what the job is after reading the post, it’s likely a scam.

  • Little to No Contact Information: This is another warning sign. If the job is for a verified company, you’ll find detailed information on their website. We’ve seen scam job posts where someone poses as a higher up in a company. In one experience, the description was very vague and seemed sketchy. We decided to call and confirm whether or not this was a legitimate offer. Turns out it wasn’t. There should be some way to contact the company for which you are applying. If there’s not, watch out! If there is, check it out.


To all our residents at Rolling Green Apartments: stay safe as you look for a job in Milford, MA. We hope you have a great month!